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CD 2 'Following the Ceiling' (approx 64 mins)
1.  You're Sinking
(When Drinking)
2.  Long Dark Road
3.  King of Your World
4.  Joe, Lost
5.  Glass Bottle
6.  Darkness & the Light
7.  A Sneaky Song
8.  Grip the Nap
9.   Where Are You Now?
10. Knight to B3
11. Methanol in His Madness

12.  Best Left...
Can't Keep Still
14.  All the Way to Cathay


Revisiting the Ceiling Disc 2  -  2015
(approx 64 mins)
(Plus Shipping)

Over the last two years Luigi Ana Da Boys have, from scratch, totally re-recorded all the tracks from their original 1978-released vinyl LP 'Feeling the Ceiling' - restoring some of those tracks back to their original intended length. Some songs were heavily edited back then because of the time constraints of the two-sided LP format... whole sections of songs were subsequently left out! These parts have been put back in! Also, one track that faded out on the original, has had its proper ending restored.
We've also recorded many of of the old 'live' favourites that weren't on the original album - oh, the choices we agonised over back then!
Better still, we have now recorded all the best material that Luigi came up with (and gigged extensively wit) from after the point the original vinyl LP was made. Oh - and one new track, written in 2013!

More on all that...
Eight of the tracks are total re-recordings (from scratch) of the eight that featured on Luigi's original vinyl LP.
Then there were tracks that we had at the time of that original recording that were in contention, back then, for a place on the album. We've elected to record six of the 'best' of that batch of songs and instrumentals.
Next up were the songs/instrumentals that were written after the LP had been made. We've recorded nine of the best from that section of material - including a few that never got played on stage, those being written for Luigi, and in the pipeline,  at the point Duncan left the band.
Finally, 'Long Dark Road' is a totally new Luigi track and was written especially for the occasion of Luigi's Nov 2013 'reunion' concert. Dunc wrote that track so that original drummer Rob Steeles could come out of retirement and grace the stage alongside us (for one number) on something wasn't too taxing for someone that had long since stopped playing the drums! - bless!



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